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Aros by MAp-MAp

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Aros has existed for a long time. How and why is for anyone to think about. If you think it was the shaking and pushing of a few big rocks, fine. Or say it's a sign from someone or thing you've never met, maybe. It's a bad place, it's a good place, we should stay away! events around Aros would point to either vibe being so very true. But either way I think we can all agree, it does kind of looks like a decapitated bear head? Inspiration: For Aros it was a tumble of ideas. In one of my sketches I made the bear head a little more square than it actually is, so I started these more jagged, rocky features and came to an idea of this rocky block with a host of creatures living on and poking out of a few cracks. To create the cracks I cut a long rectangular slice out of the side, and as I tend to do once I cut a hole in a toy I used a light to see inside and get a feel for how thick the vinyl is (thinner vinyl on a toy or two has led to some tragedies as the clay cures but the plastic flops about in my oven) but then I spotted a few of the drips that formed inside as the vinyl set when toy was originally cast and that started a few thought about dripping dingy caves. From there it was always going to be a cave, but the problem was would it be too dark to see anything or too light to feel like a cave, so then the light bulb appeared, allowing you to see within and adding a few strong shadows on the back of the head, or turn it off to get that lonely darkness with a hint of light coming in from the cracks. The only problem for me then was the light source didn't make sense, and that formed the last essential nugget of something facing towards the light. In a ritualistic way or using old devices to observe the light is up to whoever looks at it, but from the ambiguity of why this thing was facing the light I just went deeper and deeper on trying to increase the image for a small slice of a larger world without defining exactly what it is for. base platform: Luke Chueh's bear head.