Good Day Neko San Blind Box Series 1 by Fluffy House


Fluffy House


Cats are the real charmers!

Highlighted with their beautiful and unique fur patterns, cats are just born to be chic. In spite of their inborn beauty, they all share a secret trouble in mind:
 Fur patterns alone are not enough to express their mood at all!

Dull is never a choice for such charismatic souls. That’s why some of them decided to stand at the cutting edge of "CAT-SHION". Decking out in their finery seems like the only way out!

See! They slay every style!

NEKO SAN vow to be the dazzling trendsetters who fascinate all beings!

*Material: PVC
*Turnable Head
*Figure size: 7cm tall
*1 set includes 6 different kinds
*May include SECRET randomly