Toy animal on a yellow object with a cartoon cat and spaceship.
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Invaders Gulu - Engineer by K2 Toy

Vendor: K2 Toy
Real Time 16 Visitor Right Now

Includes 1 Gulu and spaceship

Gulu Height 高: 95mm
Spaceship Width 大空船闊: 128mm

After 24 months of preparations, including scripts, castings, pre- and post-production…
The first episode of the real-life war (cat) documentary, which excited the earth and shocked the outer space, is finally completed the prequel!

This is a real story. Once upon a time, where earth still no cats. They live in a far away planet call "Gulu". When cats feel comfortable, safe and happy, the sound of purring like "gulu gulu", which thename of their home.
 So, why cats invade the earth? Let's see the reason...

believe everyone has seen how bad Gulu are, and want to take Gulu home to punish. The first one is Engineer Gulu, his spacecraft returned to the Gulu Star report after detecting the Earth which triggering an invasion.