A toy elf figurine in grass, with a doll and cartoon character, Kuckoo by The Campers from Vapour Park x thinkinggues Animal Carving.
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Kuckoo by The Campers from Vapour Park x thinkinggues Animal Carving

Vendor: Vapour Park
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12cm Soft Vinyl
Elf Observation Diary by The Campers - 01:
Deep inside the remote Ainu Forrest, living a Cuculus Canorus Elf always showing a misanthrope face. Its name is Kuckoo.
Kuckoo is always bugged by the fat noisy bird, Aynu, whom is sojourning upon his head. Either Kuukoo is sleeping, eating, playing or even pooing, no matter when, Aynu is always tweeting “Cucoo…Cucoo…” above Kuckoo’s head.
Torturing by Aynu’s non-stop kyoodling, Kuckoo became more and more fretful. It frowns and pouts all the time, as if it feels unsatisfied to the whole world. The misanthrope face becomes the trademark of Kuckoo.
We are so happy and found interesting in discovering this rare Cuculus Canorus Elf. We decided to keep on observing its livelihood. Please stay tuned for further reports.
The Campers
The Campers from Vapour Park
A creative expedition team of three designers Kaiser Luna @ Okluna, Otaz @ Otaz-Work and Morimei @ Morimeiworks. Fusion of each style, taking turns to dominate each design.
" Welcome to Vapour Park. It's an adventure. "
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