Close-up of MC Puppy Tang toy by Han Ning, a cartoon dog in a silver hat, 4inch tall resin figure with movable arms.
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MC Puppy Tang by Han Ning of AICHIAILE

Vendor: Han Ning
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As spotlights falls, a puppy in a silver hat to the center of the stage to interact with the fans, "Yo Yo, this is MC Puppy Tang, I say Puppy, you say Tang", with a magnetic voice opening, the fans cheered instantly

Puppy Tang from AICHIAILE's family, who was cuddly with cherry last edition, has now become a popular rap star .

After a wave of lively interaction, MC Puppy Tang brought his latest single "Good Boy", and fans waved their hands in excitement......

MC Puppy Tang 

Designed by Han Ning

Size: 4inch tall


Limited 100 pieces

Tip: Arms are movable