A black cat toy holding a green cup, a toy figure with blue shorts and wings, a swim shorts with fish designs, cat legs with claws, pink and white teeth, yellow eyes, cat paw with grey claws, white strap, and a cat toy with large eyes and a pink tongue.
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Misappropriated Icon 3 - To Absent Friends by Muffin Man

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Available 3/19 at 9pm est. if unsold at gallery
Strangecat Toys Presents Misappropriated Icon!
A custom show on the 16″ Kaws Companion platform. All pieces are 1/1 All customs were completed on reproduction kaws pieces and are not original legit copies on Kaws.
Ships Late April 2020
Story: "What if my cat Fritzi, who was hit by a car, hadn't died on impact but was instead catapulted into a parallel universe full of cartoony toy cats?
I bet he would be living a full and adventurous life, maybe grow a beard and getting a bit grey with age. And he would certainly hang around the pool with his new posse.
And maybe every now and again he would think back to us, his old posse and raise his cherry-topped catmint-based fancy drink and give a toast - "To Absent Friends"