Plastic toy ice cream cones by Leftover Toys, featuring a special chase variant. Triple scoop design with pink eyes and cone.
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This is Wafull Cotton Candy by Leftover Toys

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What do you get when cross ice cream and cotton candy? Probably an upset stomach. Fortunately for you, eating this sweet collectible won't be a concern of yours because, ya know, it's plastic! Each figure features light blue scoops with contrasting pink eyes and cone. 

We kicked up the sugar a notch on this release and added a very special chase variant (pink body + blue cone) that is limited to 1 in 5 pieces. Will you be one of the collectors lucky enough to add this special variant to your collection?

This is Wafull (7") a triple scoop of existential flavor. Slowly dripping away, this abandoned cone has yet to fully realize it's fate as a puddle of sidewalk sugar. At more than twice the size of the original, 7" This is Wafull is sure to satisfy your collectible sweet tooth.

*This item is not edible or intended for human consumption.

Limited edition of 25 total

Size: 7”

Material: Resin