Violet Soda Lady 8 Dunny by Junko Mizuno: A toy figure adorned with flowers, a whimsical creation by the artist.
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Violet Soda Lady 8" Dunny by Junko Mizuno

Vendor: Kidrobot
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8" Dunny by Junko Mizuno “The Purple Soda Girl Dunny that I designed in 2012 was very hard to create, so I’m really happy & excited that her big sisters, Violet Soda Lady and Berry Chocolate Lady, are coming out! I hope they will find a lot of happy owners! I think of my Purple Soda Girl Dunny from 2012 as a daughter of Kuro Megami that I designed for Kidrobot Black Series. When I designed her, I was using the photos I took of old god and goddess statues at Asian Art Museum as reference. So Kuro Megami is kind of like a goddess representing my art. Purple Soda Girl and the two new 8” Dunny’s are all her daughters who have the same goddess-like feeling.” - Junko Mizuno