Wagashi Dinosaurs Era Gacha Series by Moon Tea Space X Milk Company Toys

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Size: 5.5~6.5 cm / Material: soft rubber

Wagashi is not just a pastry, it is more like an art—incorporating daily art,
taking on the changes of the seasons, landscapes, flowers, insects, and Japanese
craft elements.

Because the forms of wagashi are quite diverse and require proficiency in various
techniques, it takes almost ten years to train a professional.

Many Japanese wagashi shops only pass on their skills to their own family members.
It is not easy to master the art of this food.

Special thanks to @三日月茶空间 for his careful explanation. Sanriyue not only
produces delicious Japanese confections, but also experiences teaching and tea
ceremony and kimono courses.

The fruit era design combines dinosaurs with various classic wagashi,


【Apricot Leaf】Protoceratops


【The Other Side Flower】Thunder Dragon


【Flower Cangpu】Vice-Chestosaurus

A set of 5 models in the whole series, one hidden version

 Each capsule contains a gold or silver sticker, collect it to participate in the event.

 The activities are as follows: https://reurl.cc/WL4lM9