Thailand All-Stars - The Container of Times by HUUYAOW
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Thailand All-Stars - The Container of Times by HUUYAOW

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Material: resin 
Size : H6"
Human, needing some kind of emotional attachments is what we are familiar with for ages. Principles may change, but basicly, we all crave encouragement from something spiritual.

The HUUYAOW KWAK is crafted and adorned with vibrant patterns, made to be given as a present to your beloved ones for their new business opening. With the concept of 'Jewelry Box.' It has been a tradition since long ago, perhaps due to prosperous businesses, evolving from a wooden jewelry box to a gold jewelry box store, favored by high-class women of that era. The owner of this HUUYAOW KWAK decided to gild the entire figure with brass to preserve its form and enhance its spiritual value. Passing it down to generations until the outbreak of World War, HUUYAOW KWAK fell from her shelf, shattered, revealing the intricately patterned wires underneath, the essence of the artist portrays in this significant gift.

And that's the story of 'HUUYAOW KWAK' from the “Container of Time” series, the first piece that HUUYAOW collaborated with the CHOM team. This piece is currently being showcased along with works of many Thai artists at Strange Cat Toys - Designer Toy Store, Florida. 

Gallery items will ship 28 days after show opening.