Lavabear: Mammalia Edition by Nathan Hamill

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3D Retro

Produced by 3DRetro
"Lavabear was once a shapeless, colorless being created from stardust by The Those. Over time, he rose into a vibrant, ursine-esque creature. His sole purpose was to guard the entrance to the Sacred Realms of Märchenand, along with it, its memories, treasures, and secrets. The legend goes that if awoken from his deep hibernation, those foolhardy enough to trespass on his Sacred Grounds will be met with a terrible and ancient wrath. His paws, it was said, shall lower, igniting the Eyes of Ulyssia and, with it, one thousand cursed flames. Once alive, Lavabear will seek down the intruders and bury their bones in his fiery belly... ...returning him once again to his deep, sound slumber." Vinyl. 8 inches tall. Limited to 150 pieces.