lorbo - orange
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Lorbo - Orange by Jim Woodring

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Behold LORBO, temporalities, and shudder! LORBO, the transdimensional stateless prodigy from the underlying realm of SKUUVUUNUM has entered your world and nothing will ever be the same! You speak of the human race continuing - phaugh! You have reckoned without the ministrations of LORBO, the catalytic emissary whose mission is to strip away the surface from your puny reality to show you the illimitable SKUUVUUNUUM where you will spend the remainder of eternity! You have long feared this day; now the time for speculating has ended and the time for involuntary enlightenment has commenced! LORBO will make its plans known to you slowly, subtly: through the sudden appearance of new technology; through the vanquishing of ancient foes; through the retroactive alteration of history. You are not the crown of creation; to LORBO, with its 17 senses and IQ of 39,000 you are lower than a mouse is to you. And yet you are crucially important to the cosmic equilibrium of forces... as you will discover, to your astonishment and dismay! See the truth! Prepare for LORBO! LORBO makes itself known to those it has chosen to interact with. If you know about LORBO, you have been selected. Material: soft-vinyl Moveable: neck,arms Height: 7" Comes in plastic bag with silkscreen print of the name of Kaijin (traditional Japanese Kaijin toy style) and original artwork header card by Jim Woodring.