Raise Up Your Hands (R.U.Y.H.) — Baby Dou Dou

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Raising up their hands, these two baby Dou Dou are just 9CM tall and they have officially joined our Raise Up Your Hands (R.U.Y.H.) family! They are adorable and asking for your hug and love! Designed by Dog Together Studio, the first launched original color and pink color version of "R.U.Y.H. - Dou Dou” will be packed with header cards and a “R.U.Y.H. Collector Card”! Fans with a collector card will have great benefits in the coming future! Stay tuned! Raise Up Your Hands (R.U.Y.H.) — Baby Dou Dou +Artist : Dog Together Studio - Size: 9CM Tall Color: Original / Pink Material: Soft Vinyl