A pink toy animal with scarf, a whimsical character by Asako Hashi, part of a blind box and art toy store.
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Momiji-chan by Asako Hashi

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Size: approx. 10 cm (length) x 6 cm (width) x 6 cm (depth)
  • Momiji-chan Hunting deer 

Hunting deer, a straddler, is a very strong deer who wants to be a hunter. However, she is a mysterious child with a fake gun and fake antlers.  

One day, Hunting deer meets a soft vinyl doll that looks just like her.Hunting deer liked it so much that she decided to take it with her to various places while she travels around Hokkaido, where she lives. 

Then, to her amazement, when Sofubi-chan(soft vinyl doll )touched food and places, her body changed color!  

Please look forward to seeing what kind of journey Sofubi-chan and Hunting deer will take from now on. 


She is an illustrator & character designer & cartoonist living in Hokkaido, Japan. 

Her original characters include Jin-kun (Genghis Khan) and Momiji-chan Hunting deer). 

She creates her works while exploring the boundary between cute and funny, based on the theme of a world at 45° diagonally. 

He also collaborates with various characters.