Toy duck with red beak and crown, gold legs and foot, part of Neonduck - NdAr-Ny9 by Human Robot.
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Neonduck - NdAr-Ny9 by Human Robot

Vendor: Human Robot
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・Clear white
・Gold lame

 Soft vinyl

 Body: 135mm x 60mm
 Case: 150mm x 70mm


A mythical duck with rainbow-colored neon hair that disappeared with the times.
It is said that at night, the waterside and grassy areas that shine in neon colors suddenly appear.
Eyewitness reports of mysterious phenomena begin to be heard from all over the country...

In 2021, a duck with a blue flame reaction (Ne ARGO) is discovered in "TOKYO".

It is said that when captured, "his own complex disappears."
It's still unknown how many species there are, but he said, "I'm looking for a duckling with neon hair!"
It is said that the number of boys and girls who run away from home is increasing rapidly.

The causal relationship is unknown, but people with unique personalities are beginning to thrive in the city.